Do you have a home improvement project that requires you to strip layers of paint? If you plan to use a paint scraper to remove the paint, you run the risk of nicking the wood and permanently ruining your furniture. Turn to Ready Strip 1 Gallon to do the job. This technologically advanced stripper can strip as many as 7 layers of paint. Not only that. It’s biodegradable, odor-free, non-flammable and easily cleans up with plain water. A revolutionary “color change” feature can even tell you when the paint or varnish is ready to be removed, preventing you from making costly, permanent mistakes.

Repainting walls and furniture can really take a lot of hours to do. Some paint strippers can strip only a few layers at a time so it takes forever to get them all off. Many conventional strippers also have a very strong, often toxic, smell as they contain ingredients like methylene chloride, caustic and harsh chemicals, or harmful vapors such that you need to bring the furniture out in open air while stripping paint.

Ready Strip 1 Gallon is odorless so you can paint indoors without experiencing discomfort. It is so effective that it is able to strip different types of paints and varnishes, oil- or water-based, including latex, stains, alkyds and polyurethanes. Ready Strip 1 Gallon can be applied to different types of surfaces as well, indoors or outdoors, including wood, brick, plaster, metal, marble, masonry, concrete and fiberglass.

But here’s the clincher when it comes to Ready Strip 1 Gallon which conventional strippers don’t have. It has a “Color Change” feature that tells you when the paint or varnish is ready to be removed. When paint strippers are removed too soon, it is ineffective; likewise when it is left too long, it dries out and may not work. When Ready Strip 1 Gallon is first applied, it is green in color but it turns off-white when the paint or varnish can be removed. Paint is always stripped at the right time!

Strip paint effective and efficiently all the time when you have Ready Strip 1 Gallon. Get yours now.