If you’ve already got floor cleaning mops but are not quite happy with how effectively it cleans your floors then check out the Quick Shine Mop Micro-Fiber Pad Refills. These pads fit any sponge mop size or type and brings the power of microfiber floor cleaning to your home. Now you need not throw away the floor mops you have at home. Just attach one these microfiber pads and you’re good to go.

Mop pads are not created equal. Some of them may be able to clean the dirt when the mop pad is damp but does it really lift grime off the floor? Or is the dirt simply being transferred as you move your mop head over the floors? It sometimes takes several passes of a mop plus a bucket of water to ensure you clean the floor. But microfibers are very effective in scooping, lifting and trapping dirt. As you pass the micropad over an area of flooring, the tiny hairs in the microfiber pad scoop all the dirt and trap them in the microfibers until you clean the pad. That saves time, unlike brooms and other mops where you need to pass over the same area over and over to really get all the dirt out.

One of these Quick Shine Mop Micro-Fiber Pad Refills can last you a long, long time because it is reusable. That spells savings and environment-friendliness. Just wash the pad with soapy water after use, rinse, air-dry and reuse all over again. The pad dries in 15 minutes. It’s as simple as that.

The pads are gentle and won’t scratch your floors. Use the Quick Shine Mop Micro-Fiber Pad Refills on hardwood, laminate, marble or linoleum.

Continue to use your floor mop with Quick Shine Mop Micro-Fiber Pad Refills. You’ll find that you will be saving money, time (and effort) and your floors will come out looking even cleaner and shinier than it used to with your ordinary cleaning equipment.