Do you find it difficult to rid your floors of grimy residue? Or do you still use the mop and bucket tandem when cleaning your hardwood floor? Some floor cleaners just don't do the job, leaving gummy residue still stuck to the floors. And buckets can be messy when accidents occur. But Quick Shine Floor Care not only cleans without the mess of buckets but also cleans it thoroughly and brings a shine to your floors whether these are hardwood, laminate, marble, linoleum or tile.

This complete Quick Shine Floor Care kit comes with a mop, 2 machine-washable microfiber cleaning pads and a 27-ounce bottle of Quick Shine Floor Finish, a shine-enhancing, wax-free cleaning polish. The mop is made for heavy-duty and rugged use and has a telescopic handle so you can easily adjust its length to your height and comfortable angle. A quick-release foot button and a full swivel handle gives you perfect control so you can adjust the mop so it can maneuver even under furniture. A durable, plastic mop board holds the mop head but won’t damage your furniture and won’t rust either.

The mop head has an extra wide base so you can clean a wider area in a shorter period of time. The microfibers are very effective in trapping hair, dust and debris unlike brooms that just drag these along until you sweep them into a dustpan. And these pads work whether you are dry-dusting or using a damp mop. Just a few strokes of the mop does the trick. Once done, simply rinse, dry and reuse them. Each pad can be reused up to 500 times. This spells huge savings for you unlike other mop heads that wear out too fast and cost more to replace.

The Quick Shine Floor Finish gives your floors ample protection from heavy foot traffic while giving them a deep, shiny glow as it uses an advanced polymer technology. There’s enough in this bottle to cover about 500 square feet!

Make floor cleaning an easy and quick task with Quick Shine Floor Care. See the difference in the shine and the cleanliness when you use this.