PowergardEnergy saving is something all people seek especially nowadays when resources are shorter than ever and holding on to them has become an issue of concern for everyone. A perfect solution to this problem is Powergard a new product specially designed to reduce the power consumption ratio of your electrical items. It is well know that as years go by electrical appliances tend to use more power as they did when they were brand new. Thanks to the Powergard you no longer have to spend a lot of money replacing products that work properly but are more energy consuming as this smart device decreases the amount of power attracted from the utility company. This happens due to its capacity of holding onto the electricity lost by items with inductive motors such as refrigerators, fans, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning, etc. So, why waste daily power when you can preserve it and use it only when you really need it.

The monthly energy saved by the Powergard depends on the number of inductive motors hold by your household appliances but usually a reduced consumption of up to 10% is likely to occur within the first month of utilization.

The Powergard has been successfully tested by professionals units and its compliance with the International Safety Standards makes it not only a risk free product but also a dependable source of income in terms of money saved.

Convenient and easy to use 24 hours a day, the Powergard is a wise investment that every household should have.

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