Do you and your children love to munch on popcorn while watching TV, movies or simply hanging out with friends at home or at picnics? Just think how it would be if you could grow popcorn right in your garden? Now, that’s possible with Popcorn Garden, a pre-seeded popcorn mat that is so easy to handle. Watch this variety of corn grow under your watch, harvest the seeds, put them in your microwave and see them actually pop. That is truly homegrown popcorn!

If you didn’t know it, there are actually 6 different varieties of corn but there is only one variety whose seeds actually pop. Instead of buying popcorn bags from the supermarket, imagine being part of the fun from start to finish when you are able to grow, harvest and pop the corn from your backyard. These can be eaten as is, rolled in melted butter, caramelized, flavored with cheese or barbecue powder or prepared any way you and your kids want. You’ve got bragging rights now to tell your guests you grow your own popcorn!

Popcorn Garden is a 6’ x 8” pre-seeded popcorn mat. Roll it out and plant it in your backyard together with your vegetables and herbs or grow it indoors. Outdoors, the popcorn mat is best placed in raked soil or moist soil with sufficient sunlight. In no time at all, everyone who comes to your home will gaze in wonder at the corn stalks that will sprout from Popcorn Garden. You get perfect ears of corn that everyone will enjoy picking from the stalks. Make your popcorn eating events even more fun with everyone joining in the fun.

Your growing Popcorn Garden will be an ideal conversation piece. Everyone will enjoy watching as it becomes ready to be harvested, popped and eaten with gusto.