Do you have portable chairs? Sure you do. Maybe like those plastic stools or foldable wooden or backpack/director chairs that you carry with you to the ballgames, beach, park or just about anywhere you think you’d need to sit while in line or hanging out. But most of those chairs are bulky and heavy when you start carrying several of them for a whole family or group of friends! And just a couple of them use up space in the trunk of your car. Pocket Chair is true to its name. It’s a chair you can bring along in your pocket! Imagine carrying a chair without carrying it!

No other chair comes close. Other chairs are portable, maybe…but not small enough for the pocket. The Pocket Chair won’t break, bend or collapse. Although it is so compact and light (weighing in at approximately 3 pounds only), this baby is sturdy as steel and can hold as much as 250 pounds of dead weight. And the reason why it holds steady? It’s all in the design – a dual-action counter-rotational design so that when you open it up, it stays open and steady till you decide to fold it up again.

Every member of the family should have one. Because it’s so light, even your toddler will be able to pick up his own chair and bring it around with him. Do your gardening while sitting on the Pocket Chair. Go camping with everyone seated around a campfire. Pocket Chair folds up and occupies so little space in the car; they can be stacked one on top of the other! And when you’re strolling in the park or on a beach or lining up in a queue, both hands are free to do anything! You can pick up some flowers at the park, bend to scoop up sand at the beach, or even find time to read a newspaper or book at the queue because Pocket Chair goes right into your pant pocket, portable, and ready any time you need it.

When you order Pocket Chair, you get a handy carry case as well to keep it in. Never have to tire yourself standing up or use up unnecessary car space or closet space. With Pocket Chair, you get your seat any time, anywhere.