Plasma CoolI am the type of person that is always hot. I have a very hard time staying cool, especially in the summer. It seems like I am hot no matter where I go. One day my husband brought home a wonderful gift for me. He got me a Plasma Cool; this is a portable air conditioner. The best part about it is that it is lightweight and I can actually bring it with us when we are going to visit family that doesn’t have a good cooling system in their home. I just put it in our car and we take it with us. I love this air conditioner; I even use it in our own home.

We don’t have a central air conditioning system in our home. The air conditioner is located in the living room and this leaves me very hot in our bedroom at night. I can’t sleep if I am too hot so I usually end up sleeping in the living room on our couch. This is what made my husband decide to get this for me. He wanted me back in the bedroom with him. Since we have had the Plasma Cool in our home I have been nice and comfortable in any room, it has been very helpful. I just plug it in and turn it on in the bedroom before I go in to go to sleep and it cools off the whole room for me.

I think that this is a great air conditioner for anyone that doesn’t have a good cooling system in their home; it will keep you nice and cool. It really makes it a lot easier to get through those hot summer months. One way in which the Plasma Cool can really help some people is in those hot regions where there is elderly living in old homes with no air. The heat can be a big concern to them. By giving them one of these as a gift you will be helping them to survive through those hot spells.

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