PivoTrim Trimmer HeadDo you have problems with constantly breaking lines in your gas trimmer? Most grass trimmers make use of nylon filament line to cut grass and weeds. It is lightweight, relatively safe to use, and inexpensive. However, when the trimmer rotates very fast, this nylon filament line becomes almost rigid and as it constantly strikes obtacles such as a rock, fence or tree, over time it will break usually at the attachment point. The PivoTrim Trimmer Head (for gas trimmers only) uses a unique design technology that will save your lines from breaking as often as ordinary lines do.

The PivoTrim Trimmer Head has a patented pivot action that protects the trimmer line. When the line hits something solid like a wall or fence or cement pavement, the pivot action protects the trimmer line by allowing the attachment point of the line to rotate and swivel. It has 8 powerful trimmer lines that are so powerful that in tests done, they can even cut through plywood. That kind of sharpness assures you that you can cut through grass and weeds easily, cover a wide area of lawn, without breaking a line. You will save hours of your time trying to refit your gas trimmer with new lines and saves you money as well. The PivoTrim Trimmer Head is arguably the best weed whacker so far. Its design makes it compatible for 99% of all gas trimmers in the market today. Setting it up is also so easy. Just push two ends of a pre-cut line into two holes and pull tight to lock it in place. The PivoTrim Trimmer Head holds up to four folded lines, equal to eight cutting lines. That is a lot of cutting power and pivoting action for hours.

Your order of PivoTrim Trimmer Head comes with a Universal Installation Kit and 20 precut trimmer lines.

Order the PivoTrim Trimmer Head from www.pivotrimtv.com