Pegasus Lighting has state-of-the-art lighting for all your residential and commercial needs. With volume and professional discounts, for custom-made lighting, and the energy-efficient lights, the Pegasus Lighting online store has an extensive display that ranges from what to use when on an outdoor adventure to reading lights.

lighting can enhance an setting and provide safety and security. The newer types of lights bulbs such as LED, fluorescent, halogen, or xenon are quiet and energy efficient that have electronic ballasts. Those old incandescent bulbs that are being phased out require 4 times as much energy to power than CFLs.

At Pegasus Lighting, you will find a wide variety of these new kinds of lights. Many of them have contemporary and avant-garde designs. Pegasus Lighting offers unique lighting and most of them are the practical choices, versatile, and easy of use. Some of the lights are dimmable, others are for security, yet more for commercial use such as for signage and display cases.

All of Pegasus Lighting products are either UL Listed or ETL Listed, which means that these meet the safety standards. The ease of installing their lighting products are ranked from 1 "wrench" (very easy) to 5 "wrenches". All products have a detailed description, and most of these have installation guides. Customer service is excellent and one may contact this lighting company by text chat, email, or phone.

For bulk orders and professionals such as interior designers and builders, they can purchase at discounted prices and apply for a credit line. The good thing about the discounts given by Pegasus Lighting is that the more one buys, the more they can save. This company also offers "Contractor's Specials" for quality lighting on sale at extremely low prices.

Here are a few examples of what you can find at their online showroom.

Light up your home, office, or establishment with Pegasus Lighting.

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