Change the look of your home or office décor. Why stick with the usual lighting fixtures that are too ordinary-looking? For unique lighting in the home, office, garage or just about anywhere, Pegasus Lighting offers a wide range of hard-to-find, contemporary or avant-garde lighting styles. Gone are the days of exposed fluorescent or incandescent bulbs that look so ordinary. Pegasus Lighting gives you a selection that will highlight your home’s beauty no matter what room you and your guests step into.

What is a china cabinet, book case or a shelf filled with your collectibles if it does not have the right kind of lighting as accent?  Ambient lighting not only gives off a warmer ambience but also adds class and style to any room in your home or office.

Pegasus Lighting offers xenon light fixtures (incandescent lamps with xenon gas in them to increase the lamp’s life) to bring the right accent to any corner of the room or furniture. Xenon lighting can be used as under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, cabinet task lighting and more. These lights imbue the area with warm lighting meant to enhance the look of walkways, cabinets and areas around the home or office. They come in low voltage rectangular, cabinet task lights or round puck lights as well as light strips that can line a wall. Dimmers are great for changing a room's ambience. The brightness can be turned all the way up for entertaining visitors and dimmed for those more intimate occasions with friends or a loved one.

For direct lighting, Pegasus Lighting has a wide range of display light fixtures. Lamps with flexible arms give you enough mobility so you can adjust the light’s focus exactly where you want it. Spot wall clamps are also perfect to bring focus on wall paintings and art objects.

If you’ve got a commercial business and involved in trade shows or any other commercial exhibits, you know the value of great lighting. With Pegasus Lighting, you’ve got a wide range of light fixtures to suit your exhibit needs.

There’s no lighting needs that Pegasus Lighting does not cover. Add drama and flair to different parts of your home and office with the lighting accessories from Pegasus Lighting and see what a difference these can make.