Whether you're rock climbing, riding a motorcycle, working out at the gym or doing heavy-duty tasks, you need gloves that protect your palms at critical points while giving you complete motion of fingers. With Palm Saddles, your hand stays protected regardless of how rough your activity can get. Palm Saddles covers your palm with its neoprene-padded palm support and grips your fingers confortably enough for you to accomplish your task without hurting your palm.

Tasks that require a good grip and extreme use of your hands can hurt your palms. Driving, playing sports like baseball or tennis, doing weights in a gym or motorcycle riding requires that you get a good grip. Doing heavy tasks like gardening, pushing grocery carts or other kinds of work that require you to get a good grip, lift, push and move stuff can scrape against the palms and cause calluses or even hirt the upper layers of skin. Many full-fingered gloves protect but are so stiff and feel awkward so that your range of finger motion is restricted and severely limited. There are athletic gloves that are too thin to protect your palms from the full force of tasks you do. After a while, they tear and fray, leaving your palms exposed.

Palm Saddles is made of neoprene, an excellent material that’s flexible, stretchable and breathable. It is enclosed between soft leather and a strong twill fabric. Palms are fully covered with PalmSaddles but only a contoured ring of it goes around each finger, giving you complete, comfortable and cool control over every finger. Grip a bat or steering wheel, swing a bat or racket, and get downright dirty in the garden. It's even perfect for gripping rocks during your mountain climbing adventures. It doesn't really matter what you do. Palm Saddles grips securely, leaving fingers free to grasp and move naturally without any restriction.

Palm Saddles comes in three sizes - small, medium and large - to fit any adult-sized palm. That makes them suitable for any adult, man or woman, to use anywhere and any time it’s needed.

Be confident about getting those rough and heavy-duty tasks done with the best palm protection there is when you use Palm Saddles.