There are those times when you suddenly crave for a straight-from-the-fridge drink or a cool and fresh snack from your own kitchen, but you are forced to gulp down a lukewarm drink or snack on a store-bought bite because you don’t have a choice. Now, you can conveniently take along all of your favorite nibbles and beverages with you with the PackIt Mini-Fridge. An ultimate snack bag for anyone on the go, it keeps food and drinks cold for up to 10 hours.

The PackIt Mini-Fridge is practical and affordable and comes with great bonus items—2 Pack and Lock Freshness Containers, 1 Spill-proof Drink Bottle and a 5 Minute Meal Planner—for free. PackIt Mini-Fridge also comes in three attractive designs (plaid, aqua and polka dot), so you can choose the snack storage solution that fits your style the most.

The PackIt Mini-Fridge is perfect for sports events, for bringing lunch to school, for traveling, and for keeping other items cool for long periods of time. Simply keep it in the freezer for 12-14 hours to maximize its cooling power, and feel at ease bringing your sandwiches, juice or other favorites with you. It will help you keep things fresh longer, allowing you to eat healthier and save money you would otherwise have spent on store-bought snacks and drinks. Sandwiches with lettuce and tomatoes in them will stay crisp and fresh in this cool environment. Your kids will love to bring the PackIt Mini-Fridge with them because their drinks are kept cool the entire time they are in school. If you never dared to send milk, yogurt or smoothies to school for your kids because you were afraid they'd spoil, you now can with PackIt Mini-Fridge because they will stay cool the whole day.

Stop lugging around bulky and heavy ice packs and containers while still keeping snack food fresh and cool. You'll love just how convenient and practical having PackIt Mini-Fridge is. It's the ultimate traveler's companion.