You can feel the wonderful difference when you use the natural and organic products from Our Green House. From the scent to the softness - what is natural is best. For clean and green living, we do choose to use natural products as these protect us from the harsh chemicals, harmful toxins, and help saves our planet.

Our Green House has natural and organic products for our home, our family, and our pets. These are made using the purest and finest materials and are made with quality. Our Green House also has gift baskets and has the option for you to make your own organic gift basket.

There are various natural and organic products for babies to include clothing, cloth diapers, feeding bottles, slings, carriers, strollers, changing pads, play mats, bouncy seats, strollers, and other baby gear. There is also the original Moses basket, cribs, and bassinets. The beddings available at Our Green House are for the entire family, with different sizes and designs for all ages.

Our Green House has many natural products for kids to use for educational purposes and to play with with like wooden blocks, costumes, puzzles, art supplies, dolls and dollhouses, puppets, stuffed toys, and bath toys.

For the adults, there are health and nutrition natural products such as teas, protein shakes, and supplements, skin care items such as soap, makeup, creams, cosmetics, and eco-jewelry. For the home, there are scents, eco-friendly serving ware, beverage bottles, and paint. And for our pets, there are natural grooming products and toys.

To have a green home provides clean living while surrounding oneself with naturally beautiful things. What touches our skin and that of our family should be nature's finest as when we go out, we are subjected to all sorts of pollutants and toxins. The good news is that when we are home, we can control our environment and ensure that our house is Our Green Home.