Pollen. House dust. Smoke. Dirt. All these and more allergens lurk around your home. Keeping a home free of allergens that can cause problems with asthmatic family members can be difficult. You know how important it always is to continue mopping, vacuuming and wiping up surfaces and carpets around your home. Oreck provides you with the perfect solution with its line of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and steam mops that have been specifically designed with you in mind.

Have you ever owned one of those conventional vacuum cleaners that look sturdy but once you start using them you know why they won’t work in your home? I know, because I have had two of those – one was a powerful but bulky one; the other was a round, more portable, wet/dry one but that was still too heavy for me to carry up and down our stairs. Most of these vacuum cleaners are great for a wide expanse of floor and carpet. But in smaller homes where most of the floor space contains furniture or home décor, cleaning can be a huge problem. And when you have carpeted stairs, hauling those heavy cleaners up and done can easily strain your back and shoulders.

The vacuum cleaners of Oreck have been designed with the needs of those in smaller homes in mind. They are lightweight, portable and durable. Add to that – flexible. Do you need to vacuum under a couch or bed? These upright vacuums flatten out to an almost 180 degree angle so it goes right underneath and sucks up all the dirt down there.

Oreck’s air purifiers conquer dirty air – and that is not just pollution. It includes pollen, pet dander, dust, smoke and other odors. A lot of these lightweight and microscopic allergens stay in the air for hours. Oreck uses Truman Cell technology (using an Electrostatic Precipitator filter to pull allergens out of the air like magnet) or True HEPA filters so that up to 99.97% of allergens are trapped in them.

Oreck’s steam mops effectively reduce bacteria such as e-coli, staph and salmonella found in floors and surfaces. The steam blows out dirt lodged in tile and floor cracks and the hot steam kills most of the bacteria.

Entrust the cleaning of your home to Oreck. Your family’s health and well-being always come first and the attention that Oreck gave to designing its vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and steam mops show that they hold your family’s health foremost in its mind.