Many fruits and vegetables nowadays lack the required nutrients our body needs due to over-hybridization methods. These shortcuts in crop production and lengthening of shelf life are harmful to our health because many are found to be nutrient-deficient. And with the rapid push of this hybridization and genetically-modified (GM) food, the world's food system could become irreversibly permanent. It is time for us to take action and get into home gardening using Non Hybrid Seeds and preserve the genetic integrity of food supply by growing and propagating original varieties that have not undergone any genetic manipulation.

Non Hybrid Seeds are sold by Heirloom Organics which offers you a chance to purchase non hybrid seed packs in bulk and get free guidance on crop propagation and storage methods. They are 100% non hybrid, non-genetically modified, and have a longer shelf life due to the strictest processing and packaging methods implemented under the guidance of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Non Hybrid Seeds or Open Pollinated Seeds are original strains of a crop. Their germination rate or ability to grow depends on the temperature and moisture content of the storage bin. Non Hybrid Seeds are delivered fresh in double-sealed packs, are sold at wholesale prices, and can be planted even in the most common climates. They are classified into: (1) Seed Vault – for 1 or 2 persons to use in an emergency; (2) Family Pack – for large family yards and seed storage; (3) Homestead and Farm Packs – for larger properties and for investments; and (4) Specialty Packs like: Medicine Pack, Kitchen Pack, Tea Garden, Grains, Drying Beans, Tobacco, Fruit Lover’s, Chili Pepper, Greens, Tomato, Salad, Livestock, and Fresh Sprouts Pack. By planting Non Hybrid Seeds in your garden, you help your community sustain economic growth of crops for generations to come.

For better customer service 24/7, the New Hybrid Seeds Growing Guide online teaches you how to prepare, propagate, transplant, maintain, harvest, and save the seeds. With its innovative preservation method and reasonable prices, it is no wonder that New Hybrid Seeds is known for delivering the healthiest, freshly-packed seeds to anyone around the world.

To preserve the future generation of healthy and naturally grown fruits, vegetables, and grains, it is time for us to propagate again the proliferation of Non Hybrid Seeds. By buying only New Hybrid Seeds, preserve the nutrients of fruits, vegetables, and grains for the next generation to enjoy!