With NaturalHomeRugs.com, you can dress up your own home with accent rugs that bring the outdoors in. The site provides you with various rug designs, made out of various natural materials such as bamboo and seagrass. Pick from the designs available or personalize your choices by choosing a customized rug border. You can even go further by customizing your own rug depending on the size, weave, border and type of stitch that you want to adorn your home.

Furniture reflects its owner’s personality, from the ceiling and wall décor to the upholstery and flooring. More often than not, a mix and match of various types of furniture and décor can leave it hard to find other complimenting decorations. That’s why NaturalHomeRugs.com brings the beauty of nature to your house and home. In a modern world where we end up wasting a lot of materials that can’t be recycled into other uses, NaturalHomeRugs.com supports natural materials while bringing style and comfort to your home.

Surround yourself with the beauty of natural materials like the Siscal fiber (which is which is harvested from the Agave plant) and is known to produce anti-static, flame retardant and sound absorbing products. Or choose seagrass which comes from a plant that thrives in the wetlands.  Tough and rigid though it may be, it is impermeable to water and produces some of the most durable natural fibers. Mountain grass fiber can be taken from high altitude regions in the Pacific and produces materials with a rigid texture and thickness that give it a wood-like appearance. Jute fiber comes from India and produces materials with notable durability, an ideal material for heavy-duty yarn and fabric. Bamboo, on the other hand, is smooth and repels most liquids.

What makes NaturalHomeRugs.com the choice of customers nation-wide is that it prides itself in having the lowest available prices (in the US) for natural-material-made rugs. If you’re looking to buy an item and discover a similar item at a lower price from a competitor, NaturalHomeRugs.com will match the price. This ensures you that NaturalHomeRugs.com is the site to trust when transforming your house into the most stylish, comfortable, and least-wasteful home it could possibly be.

Items (except customized, on-sale rugs, and sisal remnants) can be returned within 15 business days of receipt, if the rug does not meet your satisfaction. On-site information can also help you in caring for and maintaining your rug so that inevitable accidents like spills and stains won’t permanently damage your rug.

Add style and glamor to your home with accent rugs from NaturalHomeRugs.com that let your guests experience the natural feel of plant fibers under their feet.