Mizu Pods are the slow-release way to water plants. Perfect for cut flowers, seedlings, potted plants, or to create a hydroponic garden, this Mizu Pods review reveals the unique shimmering pods that will able to water the plants even when you are not around for over a month. Mizu Pods do more than handle the most common gardening task efficiently - it also adds a decor.

Mizu Pods are small spheres that expand when water is added to them. The water will enter the Mizu Pods to make these grow up to 50 times their size. These are to be placed in the soil to function as a watering system, grow hydroponic plants, or for the decorative factor. Mizu Pods are reusable.

Watch this Mizu Pods reviews video for you to enjoy the latest soilless potting medium.

If you use Mizu Pods, you do not have water your plants for an amazingly long period of 6 weeks! That's a month and a half of maintenance-free plants! Even if you leave for an extended vacation, when you come home, your indoor plants will still be alive! Imagine, no longer having to water your plants that often? Taking care of plants won't anymore be a chore when you use Mizu Pods.

This Mizu Pods review will enable you to get into hydroponic gardening without the hefty start up capital. It's the soiless alternative that allows you to grow plants - even seedlings - in quite a sterile environment. Mizu Pods is the new growing medium.

If you love cut flowers, Mizu Pods are a great way to decorate a transparent or lightly-tinted vase. Even an ordinary glass jar will become a delight to look at when you use Mizu Pods to stabilize your cut flowers while holding them in water.

For those who want a touch of nature with additional glamour, decorate in style and lessen plant maintenance by using these wonderful, colorful, and shiny spheres, Mizu Pods.