Mister Steamy is a revolutionary steam dryer ball that helps to iron your clothes while steam drying them – all the time while your clothes are still inside the dryer. Just fill the ball with water, toss it into the dryer and let the water turn into a steam iron. The steam generated by Mister Steamy also fluffs up clothes and towels a lot more for added softness. Wrinkle-free clothes are now so easy to have because the time to iron them after they come from the dryer is totally eliminated. Clothes now go from dryer straight to the closet.

Mister Steamy uses the combination of heat from your dryer and the water inside it to generate the steam. Although it is called a ball, it actually has indents on it with holes at the end of each indent. As the heat turns the water inside the ball into steam, the steam escapes through these holes. Since the balls also bounce around inside your dryer, it gives that extra agitating action.  Coupled with the steam that is emitted by Mister Steamy, the ball acts as an iron, removing all the wrinkles from your clothes. You’ll be so surprised to open your dryer and find that your clothes look ironed already.  When used with towels, Mister Steamy fluffs them up so your towels come out a lot softer and fluffier. You don’t need that iron or dryer sheets anymore.


For moms with small children, Mister Steamy is the solution to your worries that they may be burned by a hot iron if you turn your back for a few seconds. Throw Mister Steamy in with all the clothes in the dryer and you need not bring that iron ever again. By eliminating the need to maintain an ironing board, you also save space by using Mister Steamy. Mister Steamy works with all fabrics – from cottons to blends to polys.

With Mister Steamy, you can now iron your clothes while it’s drying inside the dryer. Two tasks in one is just the thing you want to save time and energy as well as keep small kids safe from a hot iron.

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