Enjoy that wonderful breeze from the outside on a warm and humid day. With Magic Mesh, you still have all the convenience of a door that keeps those pesky flying bugs out while allowing the fresh air outdoors to enter through its mesh door. Not only do you get to enjoy the cool breeze but you can actually bring down your energy costs as you won’t need to turn on the airconditioning.


Magic Mesh is a mesh door that fits any regular, single door or a sliding door. It easily attaches to the sides of a door. You can even put it on a pet door to allow your dog or cat to freely come and go. The Magic Mesh is divided right down the middle, allowing it to part as you walk through. 18 strategically located magnets (which come with your order) clamp the mesh door shut behind you. Step outdoors even with your hands full and the door parts to let you through and closes once you’re out. Walk right back into your home and it works the same way. You can air your home any time, morning or evening, and not have to worry about flies, mosquitoes, bees or wasps getting in.

Since Magic Mesh is mesh, it is so eash to wash. Just put it in soapy water till the dirt comes off and hang it up to air dry. When you do not need it anymore, or when the weather turns cold, it can be dismantled easily, folded up and stored away without taking up too much space.

If before, you suffered from high energy costs because you had to keep the airconditioner running and the doors closed, now you can drop those high energy bills with Magic Mesh and get to enjoy wafts of fresh air any time you want to.