Keep bugs out of your home while bringing in fresh air. The Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door lets you and your pets go in and out of the door and it closes right behind you due to the magnets attached to the openings. Now you and your family and friends can enjoy the breeze from the outside while inside your home and still keep all those flying pests out.

Many times, we feel like just enjoying the cool breeze from outdoors instead of always keeping windows and doors closed. Even in airconditioned homes, it is advisable to throw open windows or doors to let fresh air come in and replace the stale air inside. It is healthier for everyone and even the sunshine contributes in killing bacteria, molds and fungi that could form in nooks and crannies of your home.

But the problem always is that once the door is open, you also run the risk of allowing flying pests to come in. Those pesky flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other flying insects can ruin anyone’s day as you try to swat them as they buzz around you inside the bedroom, living room or dining room.

Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door has just the solution. The mesh door opens in the middle and comes with 18 magnets. Simply attach the magnets all along the opening’s length and voila. After you step through the mesh door, the magnets make Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door snap magically close behind you. You can pass through it even with both hands full. No problem. Because the mesh door opens up to let you through as easily as it clamps shut.

Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door attaches to any regular single door or sliding door. You can even attach it to your pet’s door to allow him to come in and out of the house without bringing flying insects inside with him. And when the cold weather sets in, it easily detaches and can be folded and stashed away without occupying a lot of space.

Bring the breeze from outside indoors with Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door. You have the best of both worlds – being able to enjoy fresh air while keeping the bugs out of your home.