Little-Giant-Blueberry-PlantDo you love blueberries? If you normally get your blueberries from the supermarket, you know how fast they can rack up a small fortune especially if you love to make blueberry pies or blueberry cheesecakes. There is now a way for you to grow your very own blueberry bushes in your backyard and harvest delicious giant blueberries yourself!  Little Giant Blueberries plant. Little Giant blueberry bushes grow to about 4-5 feet in about 90 days. The berries are dark blue and small in size but taste very juicy and flavorful. One bush alone can give you so many blueberries as the fruits usually fill the entire bush and the berries weigh the bush down with berries in a week that other varieties produce in an entire season.

Little Giant Blueberries were first selected by A.D. Draper of the USDA-ARS at the USDA's Beltsville, Maryland (USA) facilities in 1967 from a cross between Northern Highbush and Rabbiteye blueberries. Draper meant this variety to be breeding material, but recognized that the bush itself could be put into production. Blueberry plants grow very  fast and usually adapt to most soil types. It is a hardy plant that grows in shade or sun. True to Draper's discovery, this bush continues to provide thousands of berries every day. Since blueberries are rich in antioxidants, growing your own blueberries in your backyard provide you with a rich antioxidant source to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

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With your constant supply of blueberries just within your reach, you will have a lot of opportunity to make all kinds of desserts with blueberries. You will be able to bake more than you usually make for your own family and give these away on special occasions or during Christmas.

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