If you and your family enjoy eating blueberries, you know that buying them from the market can get expensive in the long run. Now, grow Little Giant Blueberries in your own backyard and save money. Year round, you get as much as 4 pints of juice blueberries each day with Little Giant Blueberries which can grow to about 8 feet in as little as 90 days.

Purple fruits contain a lot of antioxidants – molecules that inhibit oxidation of other molecules, thereby inhibiting the creation of free radicals which create chain reactions that damage cells. The more antioxidants we take in, the healthier we can be. Medical research has shown blueberries to be heavy on antioxidants, can help you lose abdominal fat, improve memory, protect against chronic diseases, improve one’s cardiovascular health, and reverse to some degree the effects of anti-aging.

Little Giant Blueberries are from the variety of Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum). Although they can be potted and placed near sunny windows, Little Giant Blueberries are primarily outdoor plants. They love full sun although they also grow in the shade. Being hardy perennial shrubs, Little Giant Blueberries can survive harsh winters as long as they are already established.


When you order Little Giant Blueberries, these will be shipped as bare-root cuttings (without soil) to you. Plant them immediately in soil with lots of mulch around to keep the moisture in. You will be sent two plants but with additional processing and handling, you can get a third Little Giant Blueberries plant. In no time at all, these plants will start bearing fruit. You will enjoy whipping up all sorts of blueberry-based desserts for you and your family and friends. Or, just eat the blueberries plain.

Enjoy the experience of getting your very own antioxidants from your garden when you have Little Giant Blueberries plants. Being healthy need not be expensive; they can just grow in your backyard.

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