With Life Ionizers, you'll have a pitcher that makes alkaline water. Economical, any tap water is not just filtered, cleaned, and made safe to drink, it is processed in the pitcher for one to have the best kind of water. Own an alkaline water system with less expense with Life Ionizers.

Life Ionizers has what they call "The Pitcher of Life". This pitcher is an alkaline water system that has internal and external filters and platinum-coated titanium plates. This customized advanced filter technology purifies water and creates micro-clustered water that is alkaline water with the highest anti-oxidant qualities in the industry. This alkaline water has negative ORP and a 8 to 10 PH level to provide superior hydration, oxygenation, cellular detoxification, and mineralization.

Alkaline water systems are costly and many are not portable but with Life Ionizers, the cost is much less than those large water system. It's perfect for home use. Buying alkaline water does cost a lot and there is a lot of savings plus the fact that you'll always have the best kind of water to drink with the Life Ionizers pitcher that may be brought along nearly anywhere you go. Nearly anyone can refill the pitcher with tap water to make it into alkaline as it is easy to lift.

What kind of water do you and your loved ones drink? The best of alkaline water that has the smoothest taste can be yours to enjoy and get health benefits from. Take a closer look at the Life Ionizer pitchers to see what is the most practical alkaline water system for you and your family.

alkaline water pitcher