Go green at night with the K-Light Solar Lantern, the bright solar powered water-resistant lantern that converts into a flashlight and spotlight. Perfect for outdoors and as an emergency light, the K-Light Solar Lantern is the new way to harness the energy of the sun to provide light. To discover more about this K-Light Solar Lantern, read the review.

How would you like to own a light that converts 3 ways from a lantern to a flashlight and into a spotlight? The K-Light Solar Lantern can do this! You can hang it up as a lantern, place it on a flat surface with the stand, or carry it around as a flashlight. The K-Light Solar Lantern has a versatility that you seldom find in other kinds of lighting equipment.

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The K-Light Solar Lantern is recharged with the use of solar energy, omitting the use of batteries or electricity. This helps you save a lot of money with the long term use of this light. The K-Light Solar Lantern comes with its own solar panel that will catch the rays of the sun and turn it into energy to store. This stored energy will allow you to run this light for 20 hours! Now, that is long-lasting!

The K-Light Solar Lantern is the eco-friendly light that emits a strong light - 120 lumens! This lantern is not heavy at all as it weighs only 22 ounces. Turn it on and choose the high or low setting when you bring your new K-Light Solar Lantern along during your next outdoor activity.

With this K-Light Solar Lantern review, you have the option to buy the K-Light Cell Phone Charger. It has 5 adapter tips for you to be able to recharge your cell phone, MP3 player, and other similar types of devices. When you choose this optional purchase, you will never get low batt again when you are away from home or there is a blackout as you can recharge your device with the same solar panel of the K-Light Solar Lantern.

In addition to the K-Light Cell Phone Charger, you might want to have an AC Charger. This is a good thing to have especially if K-Light Solar Lantern you will buy is to be used inside. This will eliminate the need of your having to go out and use the solar panel. The AC Charger can make it more convenient for you as it is possible to plug in your new K-Light Solar Lantern to recharge.

If you want a strong light that will serve you well and save you money, one that is ideal to use for the rugged outdoors, emergencies, and as an extra light when you need it, the K-Light Solar Lantern will last you for many years and is one of the best lighting equipment that you can buy.

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