Iron AnywhereHow many times have you found yourself in a hurry to leave for an appointment only to find that the outfit you want to wear is wrinkled and badly needs ironing? You can always drag that heavy ironing board out of the closet but think of the hassle. Not only is that ironing board heavy and cumbersome. Setting it up also takes some effort. You need to lug that to an outlet nearby or to another room where there is more space for the board's dimensions. Doing all these to iron one or two pieces of clothing can really be frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. Iron Anywhere will allow you to quickly iron your clothes just about anywhere and without the hassle of a bulky ironing board.

Iron Anywhere is an easy-to-use magnetic ironing board. Any surface in your home can be turned into an instant ironing board. Iron Anywhere comes with powerful magnets in each of its four corners. Lay it over any surface, even a washing machine or dryer, and the magnets clamp down over it to hold the ironing mat in place.  Some people are known to use bath towels over the carpet as an ironing surface. But towels have no grip and easily move around, making it twice as difficult to iron clothes smoothly. Sometimes, accidents may even happen like burn marks on your towel or worse, your carpet. Iron Anywhere has a non-slip grip strip as well as a quilted heat-resistant pad so you will be able to iron your clothes without the slippage and burns you get using towels or other ironing surfaces. Iron Anywhere is also so portable. Take it anywhere, on trips, and have the confidence that any time you need to do emergency ironing, it will come in handy.

You can even get an extra Iron Anywhere mat as well as a set of reusable dryer balls with your order. All you pay is separate shipping and handling.

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