Did you ever wish that a closet or dark staircase could have some light but you just had no time to call in an electrician or install electrical outlets yourself? InstaBulb is the perfect answer for you. It’s a wireless bulb! Yes, wireless. You can instantly apply it anywhere you need some additional light. Just stick it to any smooth surface. Pull the cord and presto, there is light!

Installing more lights in stairwells, closets, dark corners of your home, attics, basements, garages and more can be a pain. If you’re not the handyman type, you’d need to spend to call in an electrician to put in the electrical outlets and install the wiring. If you’re a handyman, it still takes time to put these bulbs in place. With InstaBulb, it takes only a few minutes to get a light exactly where you want it.

If you want it permanently attached to a surface, attach a base first, then slide InstaBulb in. But if you need a portable flashlight, you can take InstaBulb around with you as well. It lights up your path and prevents stumbling in the dark. Because it is battery-operated, there are no wires or electrical outlets you need to worry about. And no matter how long it stays on, InstaBulb remains cool to the touch. Both adults and kids can use this. Not only does it have no electrical risk at all but it is also shatterproof, unlike regular bulbs which shatter when dropped.

Busybodies need not worry because InstaBulbs instantly light up places in a jiffy during those times when calling for professional help is not possible either because you have no time to supervise or your budget does not allow it. It’s the instantaneous lightbulb solution to dark dilemmas.

Use InstaBulb in any nook and cranny, even in the tightest spots like under the sink or under your car so you can work easily. Give it away as gifts to your handyman friends. For sure they’ll love this unique but practical gift idea.