If you are the owner of a swimming pool, you know how important it is to keep your pool well maintained. Maintenance is not easy as it needs to be done regularly. But if you want to get the best cleaning supplies and accessories for your pool maintenance, look no farther than In The Swim Pool Supplies, a name known since 1982 for providing all the cleaning materials you need to keep your pool free of dirt and bacteria that can cause illnesses.

In The Swim Pool Supplies cover all possible items you will need for a swimming pool. They carry chlorine tablets and granules, bromine tablets (which act like chlorine but less irritating to skin and eyes), chlorine test strips and pH increasers to correct acidic water conditions. Pool filters and sanitizers of different brands and horsepower can also be found on their site for pools of different sizes. To protect young kids from falling into the pool and also to keep your pool clean longer, In The Swim Pool Supplies offers pool covers which can easily wrap around above-ground pools. Are you environment-conscious and have an above-ground pool? Check out the solar panels they have!

Now, if you think that In The Swim Pool Supplies is just all about pool supplies, think again because their site does offer above-ground pools as well. They have an 18’ round pool, just right for a group of your kids’ friends or even for your own set of friends. For larger capacity, their rectangular, above-ground pools come in several sizes, the largest of which is 32x16x52 feet.

Everything you will ever need and more can be found in just this one place -  In The Swim Pool Supplies. You need not go anywhere else after trying them.

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