Turn your backyard into a natural playground for hummingbirds with beautiful, vibrant trumpet flowers in red, yellow or even orange when you plant the Hummingbird Vine.  Your garden will be an instant magnet that will attract all these wonderful hummingbirds that fly backwards and flap their wings at around ten times per second.

If all you had to decorate your garden was a bird house that never attracted any birds, then the Hummingbird Vine can spruce up and enliven your garden. This vibrant vine (known as campsis radican) can grow in sunlight or thrive even in shade. It can even tolerate poor soil. In as short a time as a year, it can grow to the height of a man.
Plant these beautiful, hardy vines and they will cling to just about any support and climb upward on its own. In no time at all, you will marvel at how the Hummingbird Vine covers your walls, arbors, fences and other areas of the garden. What’s more, when the trumpet flowers burst into bloom, not only will they cover your garden with colors but each blossom will be loaded with nectar, the one attraction that hummingbirds absolutely won’t be able to resist. In some cases, the vines even serve as a cozy place for hummingbirds to hide their nests. No other flowering plant has the power of attraction that this trumpet vine has. And you will have hummingbirds returning again and again, year after year, for as long as your Hummingbird Vine is in your backyard.

When you order the Hummingbird Vine, you get two vines plus another two vines with just additional processing and handling.

Fill your garden with beautiful hummingbirds and bask in the colorful blooms that hang from the Hummingbird Vine. Your family and friends will love to watch the hummingbirds fleet from flower to flower and enjoy the beauty of trumpet flowers.

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