If you’ve ever seen those gigantic wind turbines along seashores turning in the breeze and wondered if you could ever have your own in order to reduce carbon footprint, you now can put up your very own wind turbine with Homewind Wind Turbine. They have wind turbines in different sizes and will fit your needs, whether you want to place the wind turbines in a residential, commercial, or industrial area.

Harnessing nature’s energy is now the way to go to reduce our overall carbon footprint. For centuries now, the continuing depletion and use of fossil fuels has contributed to climate change. But there is now a growing movement toward renewable and green energy. These now come in the form of solar, wind and water energy.

While most of the initial wind turbines that have been installed are the very large kinds which are normally situated along seashores to maximize the presence of wind from the oceans, there are now smaller versions of these which Homewind Wind Turbine carries so that you can now generate your own power via wind energy for your home, office, or a summer or winter home.

The Air Breeze line of wind turbines, for example, come in Land and Marine versions and in 12- and 24-volt types with advanced blade designs that boast of increased efficiency despite low wind speeds. The Marine version of Air Breeze is even coated with a white powder to prevent corrosion and it’s sealed to prevent the electronics from being damaged by salt spray.

Feeling like a DIY-er? Grab their wind turbine DIY kits and assemble one yourself. Homewind Wind Turbine has several kits to choose from and come complete with all the parts you will need except the tower, which you have to choose yourself from the various options available.

The road to renewable energy is now. Wind is free and can easily be harnessed to provide your home or office with free energy when you have Homewind Wind Turbine as your energy partner. See your electricity bills drop while you are also preserving Mother Earth.