Home design and decorations may require tools and cleaning up. Leveling mirrors and portraits before hanging them. Using the same screws or nails can destroy drywall, other wall hanging adhesives leave stains on the wall. Ineffective portrait hanging nails can only hold a certain amount of weight. The Hercules Hook can hold up to one-hundred fifty pounds without the use of a stud. Each hook is very easy to use with no tools required to insert. Removal is also a breeze, unhook the portrait, tool rack, or mirror and pull out the Hercules Hook. There is only a pin hole left behind, no more obnoxious holes in drywall from screws and no more stains from adhesive tapes.

To insert into the wall, use a back and fourth motion pushing against the wall. Once its through, set it into the proper position with the hook facing up. Now you are ready to hang portraits without any worries. Capable of hold up to one-hundred fifty pounds on one hook, without breaking or damaging drywall the Hercule Hooks. Regular screws can only hold ten to twenty pounds at most, while adhesives tend to crack and fall off over time. A large family portrait many be well over thirty pounds. Attempting level the portrait with screws can be very difficult.

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Now with our special offer, every Hercules Hook includes a free laser level to aid all your hanging needs. That is a package of ten hooks and a free laser level, valued to be thirty-five dollars all together.

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