A Heat Surge is a portable heater that looks like a real fireplace. A fireless flame, warm the area with this portable and decorative heater.anywhere. Get that log cabin effect even if you live in a high rise building. The warmth of the glowing embers as the logs burn as you keep all toasty warm may be used for free for the next 30 days with this Heat Surge reviews special offer.

The romance of firelight is provided by Heat Surge. Aside from heating the room, it is an accent decor. What does your current heater look like? The Heat Surge has a Amish made wooden mantle with the choice of Light Oak, Dark Oak, Black, or Cherry.

The Heat Surge gives you a fireplace without having to tend it. There is no need to add logs to this one! No fumes, no smoke, no ashes, no embers - it is the fireplace that has no flames.

Yet, when you look at it and it keeps you warm, it is like having the real thing. Place a fireplace in any room when using a Heat Surge.

The portability feature of the Heat Surge makes it so easy to move from room to room. It can be simple rolled to the area where it is needed.

A practical choice, instead of turning on the heater to keep warm the entire house, you can just place a Heat Surge in the room that you are using. Save on your power bill with Heat Surge. Get the specs.

There is an option to adjust the heat. When the slight chill in the room, you may lower the temperature. If it is still to cold, adjust the thermostat of this heater to make the air blown out of it warmer.

The minute you start it up, the heated air goes out from the Heat Surge patented special cool touch vent to generate the warmth you are looking for.

The Heat Surge is the decorative heater that you need. It warms up an area fast and may easily be moved to any room. A fireless flame, the romance of a fireplace provided by this Heat Surge reviews offer - can yours today to try for free for 30 days.