Tired of escalating heating bills during the winter season? Heating costs jump during the cold months because ordinary heaters try to heat entire rooms. Heating an entire home can really get very expensive. That’s where Heat Surge has the greatest advantage. It uses its Hybrid-Thermic Heat Technology as well as its Roll-N-Glow Fireless Flame feature. You get efficient heating of surrounding air as well as lower heat costs since you can transfer Heat Surge from room to room.

The Amish community is known for their conservative and traditional ways, which includes handcrafting fireplaces made of beautiful red wood. This Amish-made wood forms the mantle of all Heat Surge electric fireplaces that also come with hand-rubbed stain and heat-resistant varnish so the fireplace lasts a lot longer.

Imagine just paying as low as $0.09 per hour on regular setting with Heat Surge’s Hybrid-Thermic Heat Technology. It makes use of a micro-furnace as well as a thermal heat exchange. The thermal heat exchange warms you and your pets up while the micro-furnace warms all the surrounding air. An adjustable thermostat allows you to turn down the heat when you don’t need it.  By turning it down 1 degree for 8 hours, you save 1% on your heating bill. Turn it down 5 degrees for 24 hours and that amounts to 15% savings! That is a lot of money saved!

Here’s one more reason why Heat Surge fireplaces save money. They all have the Roll-n-Glow feature. Got guests? Roll your fireplace into the living room. When it’s time for dinner, roll it into your dining room. And when you’re all settled in and ready to call it a night, roll your Heat Surge fireplace into the bedroom. Unlike fixed fireplaces where size and location are important considerations, the Heat Surge fireplace fits any home - whether it is an apartment, a house, a condominium unit or even just a dorm. And it’s so energy efficient! You only heat up one room at a time, only when needed.

You won’t miss a real fireplace. The Heat Surge fireplace looks like the real thing because of its “Fireless Flame” technology. See the flames flicker. Hear the flicker of fire without the risks of a real fire or the fumes, smell and ashes left by a real fireplace. Be cozy and warm without running any of the risks that a real fireplace would pose.

Bring your heating expenses down now and still stay warm at all times inside your home with Heat Surge. It’s really the best way to heat up your home without burning a hole in your pocket.