Having trouble putting up pictures on a wall all by yourself? Sometimes drilling a hole in the wrong places makes your wall look like it’s been riddled with bullets. That unblemished wall of yours need not look like a pin cushion. Hang Rite was designed so that you can hang several pictures by just drilling one single hole. And your pictures will always hang straight.


The problem with hanging something by yourself is that you lose the overall perspective of how it looks like from a distance. So you end up hanging something that is not properly centered, is too high, or is too low. In the process, you find you had drilled several holes into the wall and still, the picture is not hung perfectly.

Hang Rite solves that problem. All you need to do is place Hang Rite behind your picture and slide the marker bar right up to the wire, hook or bracket. Then go to the wall, put the top of Hang Rite where you think the top of the picture should be, and it tells you exactly where to make your mark. That mark is where you hammer in the nail. What seemed so complicated before actually turns out so easy with Hang Rite! Hang Rite is also great for getting multiple picture frames perfectly aligned. Frames you want hung side by side or one above the other turn out perfectly aligned.

With your order, you get Hang Rite, 10 Hang Rite hooks capable of holding up to 150 pounds each, and Laser Level device which helps hang pictures across the room.

Save your walls and minimize the holes you will need to drill into them. Get perfectly hung picture frames and wall décor every time with Hang Rite.

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