You know what it’s like to have small kids. ­They find it fascinating to overturn food in their bowls and watch it splay on carpets, floors or in your car. They are prone to accidental spills. Kid-proof your floors, carpets and vehicles by getting the Gyro Bowl for your child. No matter how your child holds the bowl, it will always stay upright. Good-bye to spills, accidental or intentional!

The Gyro Bowl (sometimes referred to as the Loopa Bowl) works like a gyroscope. It freely rotates a full 360 degrees while keeping the contents always upright. The main bowl is attached to an outer ring. Even if a child spins the outer ring in different directions, everything inside the bowl stays in the bowl.

Mothers, you will be happy because you will no longer need to tidy up after your child’s mess. Your floors will stay free from food spills and you can go about your normal day.

Even your kids will be amazed that no matter how they hold the Gyro Bowl, they cannot spill its contents. It can be used even by very young tots who are just learning how to grasp and hold. Toddlers who love to run can even play hide-and-seek while holding their Gyro Bowls filled with their snacks and nothing will spill.

Even adults will be able to use the Gyro Bowl for non-food items. Make it hold your threads, buttons and needles when you are sewing. Everything is kept in its place. Men can use it to hold nails and screws when doing home repairs. The Gyro Bowl is that versatile!

The Gyro Bowl is dishwasher-safe so you can just throw it in together with your other dishes. It’s that easy to clean!

Get a Gyro Bowl for each of your small kids and even for yourself! Give them away as gifts to other friends for their children. Everyone will love using the Gyro Bowl.