Gurneys Seed and NurseryFrom a simple gift to a birthday present the gift of life has always been appreciated by mothers, wives and other family members. Flowers are very beautiful but the most expensive roses last a few days in a vase of water. Being able to grow flowers or fruits and vegetables is much more rewarding and tasteful. Gurneys Seed and Nursery offers everything from small seed packets to complete garden kits. Order a free catalog and you may find that perfect gift for yourself or significant other.

A plot of land may not be needed to have your own personal garden. Everything from soil to the pottery and even lighting can be found all for a very competitive price. Unlike other stores that require a sign-up fee or a complicated shipping process, Gurneys Seed and Nursery is easy to use and free to check out. Find the gardener inside of you and your child, discover a great way to spark a healthy hobby. Spending hours in front of the television is not healthy or satisfying, but imagine being able to enjoy and share your personally grown fruit or flowers everyday. Seed packets for perennials and roses are also available for those who may be interested in home gardening.

The free catalog offers the same selection of products but does not inform you of deals and new products. For example, there are seeds available for giant strawberries that were introduced this past spring. Finding yourself in your backyard with a few tulips and fruit gardens would be a good way of exercise and healthy way to spend free time. Each year would could be a time to change up a few of the plants around the house or vegetables to grow. If the weather is too extreme try one of their many indoor growing kits to get a jump start on the spring. With a variety of shipping options this could be your weekend project. Try it out today.

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