How can you call 911 if your phone is far away or maybe you are hiding from a burglar under your bed? Also, when you normally call 911, you are rerouted to a call center and then you are called back to confirm your issue. In some cases, this delay can prove decisive for a tragic event. With the Guardian Alert 911, you are directly linked to an emergency operator, not being forced to wait or to use a phone. Wherever you are, inside your home or around in the yard, if an unexpected event occurs you can quickly call for help. Guardian Alert is a small and reliable device you can carry with you and use it if necessary. It doesn't have any hidden fees and you don't have to sign a contract with anyone in order to have it activated.

You can wear the Guardian Alert around your neck, clipped to your belt or in your pocket as a cell phone or pager (inside the package you will find all the accessories in order to easily carry it around). It's easy to use, all you have to do is push the big button located at the center of the device and you will instantly be in contact with an emergency operator. If you accidentally push the button while you walk, probably you won't call 911, as the button has to be pushed for a minimum of a half second in order for a link to exist. You can use the Guardian Alert anywhere within a range of 600 feet (183 meters) and you can test anytime the battery with a battery test. That shouldn't be a problem anyway, as the included batteries can last up to a year in stand by and up to 30 minutes of conversation (hopefully you don't have to talk so much to emergency operators).

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