Yard tools that leave zero carbon footprint like Greenworks Tools may be the main reason why you should retire that old mower, trimmer, and blower. Time to upgrade the yard equipment to more efficient cordless ones that make doing the gardening chores a dream. Here's the yard tools review!

Greenworks Tools

This brand has eco-friendly yard care equipment. Learn more about Greenworks Tools with this review's Designing Spaces Think Green video.

What makes the Greenworks Tools superior?

1. These yard equipment have ENERGY STAR-approved battery chargers
2. Powered by 40V Lithium-Ion rechargeable long lasting batteries
3. Eliminate cords and having to find a power source for electricity
4. All these power tool are gas free
5. These yard care equipment have zero carbon emissions
6. Super lightweight
7. Designed for balance

When you order the Cordless Mover, you get the next 2 items as a bonus! Here are the features of each Greenworks yard equipment:

3-In-1 Cordless Mower 40v

Trim the lawn grass fast with a multi-level attachment that cuts it at the correct height.
Rear bagging capable with collection bag for grass clippings
A mulching attachment to process the grass clippings
A side discharge chute
A large area is covered by this lawn mover that has 7" front wheels
Folds up easily for storage.

2-in-1 Cordless String Trimmer 40v

This string trimmer has a .065 automatic automatic single line feed
It has a multi-position pivoting head to trim at all angles
An edger conversion for access
Variable speed option
Lock-off switch to prevent accidental start up
Lifetime supply of strings and spools (optional)

Cordless Leaf Blower 40v

Makes the task of cleaning garden debris easy
May be used on other surfaces such as the driveway or patio
Variable speed option
Adjustable nozzle tip that widens or narrows to control air flow
One hand operation with cushioned molded grip

With this Greenworks Tools review, the most difficult of garden tasks are made easier because these versatile yard equipment are lightweight and powerful. Using Greenworks Tools eliminates the emissions that come from gas-powered tools.

Leave nothing but footprints and use zero carbon footprint equipment when you tend the lawn and garden with these innovative Greenworks Tools.