GreenDIYenergyWith fuel costs rising and with greater awareness of the damaging effects of continued use of fossil fuels and the disastrous effects of greenhouse gases, you are probably looking into alternative energy sources. Have you considered installing solar panels but been discouraged after learning from others that commercial solar panels are very expensive and can retail up to more than $1,000 per solar panel?  Well, Brian Clark and his friends have found a way to make solar panels that produce 75 watts of energy at under $100. And they share this knowledge with you when you get GreenDIYenergy.

GreenDIYenergy is your solar panel DIY guide in ebook format. Everything you want to know about the kind of tools you would need before you start building, sourcing cheap solar cells and building solar panels from scratch are in this guide. The instructions are done step-by-step so that even if you do not have a single drop of handyman blood in you, you will be able to easily follow along. The solar guide from GreenDIYenergy has three parts. The first part covers the step-by-step process of creating solar energy, sourcing "free" solar panels, and maintaining your very own solar panel system. The second part is actually the most fun part because this is where step-by-step instructions and full-color photos show you how to build the solar panel box up to connecting solar cells. The third part covers how to install and mount your solar panels including securing city permits for it as well as how to hook it up to the electrical panel. You'll also learn how to hook up multiple solar panels and how to store the energy using multiple batteries. For a limited time only, your order will also get you a bonus video guide (over an hour) showing you exactly how to build your very first solar panel. You also get a guide to building our very own wind turbine as well.

Take the first brave step towards being less dependent on costly energy which uses fossil fuels. With GreenDIYenergy, you will be able to construct solar panels to decrease your fuel costs and use the natural power of the sun to power up and heat your home.

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