Stumbling in the dark, taking a fall in slippery homes or offices or fumbling your way through a dimly lit room are no longer problems when you’ve got the Glow Grip. Its glow-in-the-dark traction strips are so bright that the glow is enough for you to read words on a book. Plus, the traction holds you in place even at a fairly steep angle.

There will always be places in your home or office that are considered slip areas – stairs, bathroom tiles, uneven floors, porch steps, the garage, around the pool and more. Why risk injuring yourself when you can place Glow Grip where you may tend to slip? Glow Grip recharges in natural and artificial sunlight so that it stays glowing till night. It's got a non-slip surface and is designed with Super Grip Traction so you stay in place when standing on it, even on a slanted surface.

It’s so easy to install. Just 3 steps are needed – peel, press in place and go. It easily bonds to any surface and when removed, leaves no residue. It’s waterproof and weatherproof so it is great for both indoors and outdoors. Rain and snow will not make it lose its stickiness. Glow Grip will be firmly where you stuck it come summer or winter.

There are hundreds of places where Glow Grip can be applied. Put them on each stair step so you and your kids can find your way in the dark if you have to go down in the middle of the night. It’s great even for steps leading to the attic or in your garage. Place it in the bathroom for better foot grip as well as around the pool to prevent slippages in constantly wet areas.

Your basic order of Glow Grip comes with 16 glow strips and a 51-piece illumination kit composed of  Glow Grip cut into different shapes. Attach these to your light fixtures or places where you want to mark out areas even in the dark. For an additional $10, get the Deluxe Kit which contains everything in the basic kit plus 10 silicon grit strips and one roll of Super Glow Tape.

Stay safe in your own home or garden and confidently walk around even in the dark when you've got Glow Grip to light your way and keep your feet steady and firmly on the floor.