Spare your beautiful floors  and stairs from permanent and deep scratches when you need to move furniture around or bring new ones in. There’s now a revolutionary product called Forearm Forklift that allows even women to move stuff around almost effortlessly because it is ergonomically designed not to strain or injure one’s muscles when lifting. You can plan to renovate, paint, redecorate, rearrange and more without worrying how to move heavy furniture around in the process.

Lifting heavy furniture and moving them about can be risky to one’s back. Doctors always advise people to bend while lifting but sometimes with extra heavy items, that is just too difficult to manage. Wheeled carts do the trick but they damage floors and leave ugly, permanent wheel marks. In places that have doorsills, it also becomes difficult to get those cart wheels over the humps. Sometimes, these carts are too wide also to go through doorways. Trucking these stuff over wooden stairs can ruin them forever. And if you decide to carry large items like mattresses and lose your balance, you even risk damaging these permanently. These are times when the Forearm Forklift comes to the rescue.

Forearm Forklift allows even women to use them. These straps are heavy-duty, durable, and adjustable with loops at the ends for the forearms. These were ergonomically designed so that you always use proper lifting techniques. You don’t need to lift the furniture high up and risk tearing some muscles or straining your back. All you need is to lift it a few inches from the floor and you’re good to go.

Just slip the Forearm Forklift at each end of the appliance or household item you want to move. Cross the straps at the center and insert your forearms at each end. Lift and see how easily that thing goes up with hardly any strain because the weight of the item is evenly distributed and supported by the forearms.

With your order, you get a set of the Forearm Forklift leverage straps, a 3.5 foot extension, 16 pieces of felt pad to attach to the items to prevent it from scraping walls in case of bumps, and a pair of grip gloves.

Don't pay movers or handymen to do the furniture moving for you. You can do the moving with a companion easily, anytime with the Forearm Forklift. You save money and keep your back safe from injury.