Fix It GroutWhen tile is freshly done it makes your entire bathroom or kitchen sparkle, but it doesn’t take long for dirt, mold and mildew to take over and turn your brilliant white grout or caulk into a dark, dingy color – this is especially true in the shower. The heavy moisture and steam within your shower, along with the soap scum and dirt and hard water are absolute murder on the color of your grout and caulk, making your entire bathroom look wretched.

As time goes by, the mildew and dirt begin to set deep stains into your once white and beautiful grout, making it all but impossible to get clean. Even with powerful cleaners and all the elbow grease you can muster, some stains just won’t go away – but Simoniz Fix It Grout Markers can quickly and easily solve your problem of dingy grout.

You don’t need to spend lots of money or lots of time bringing your bathroom tile back to life; Fix It Grout is a revolutionary and ridiculously simple way to instantly whiten the dark, dirty and stained grout in your bathroom to make your tile stand out again in a good way.

If you can use a pen, you can use Fix It Grout – all you have to do is trace over your existing dirty grout and Fix It Grout will deeply penetrate to whiten and brighten it back to the way it looked the day it had been first applied. In ten about ten minutes and for less money than you would probably spend on a heavy duty cleaner, you can transform your entire bathroom by whitening and brighten all of the grout – after using Fix It Grout your bathroom will look better than it has in years.

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