FirstHomeSecrets.comAcquiring one's first home is one of the most difficult. You need to establish identity and credibility with people in the loan business. But difficulties do not lie with those who are fresh out of college with no established loan or employment history. There are obstacles even with those who are gainfully employed. Going the regular route, which is to take out a mortgage loan, can be filled with a lot of documentation requirements as well as the need to have money upfront for that initial downpayment, closing costs and succeeding monthly amortizations. If you do not have that kind of money, you may resign yourself to thinking you'd be renting for life. That is not true. At, you will find out that you have literally billions of dollars  for first-time home buyers from non-profit organizations, government agencies, local foundations, etc and it's a matter of knowing where to look and how to go about it.

Ron Douglas, the man behind, has personally researched how and where to get the funds you will need to buy your first home, because that is how he got his. At, you will be able to order the ebook "Free Money for First Time Home Buyers". In it are tips on buying a house with the least cash, how to get grant money for your down payment and closing costs or rehabilitation of your home, how to avoid predatory lending abuses, free financial advice, negotiation tips for a home, how to avoid getting ripped off by loan sharks, sellers and agents and many more tips. You will want to read this guide from cover to cover before planning on buying your first home. With your order come several bonus items as well: 1) "National Directory of Home Buyer Assistance Programs", 2) "Home Security: How to Protect Your Family and Property", 3) "101 Money Saving Cost Cutting Tips", 4) "How to Reduce the Winter Heat Bill". Ron Douglas also gives you a 90-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Avoid making the wrong move before buying your first home. Avoid all the pitfalls, learn helpful tips and know where to apply so you get your first home with the least money out and with the most help from available grants when you check out how can help you.

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