EurosealerThe EuroSealer is an easy-to-use and highly efficient bag sealer. It is light-weight, can seal bags with the use of one hand, and will close most of the original packages of food items and other kinds of plastic bags in one quick sliding motion. The EuroSealer heating element that fuses the sides of the bag together is micro-thermal, ensuring you of an airtight seal each and every time.

The kind of seal that you can get by using the EuroSealer is far better that all the other methods that are commonly used to close bags, such as twist ties, clips, rubber band or knots. A EuroSealer closing is similar to that of the original package seal and no form of gas or liquid can get through With this type of seal, food will be kept fresh for a longer period of time, lessen the chances of insects like ants getting into a bag and prevent the stored item from spilling out. The use of the EuroSealer is not limited for food bags - it can be used to seal a lot of kind of packaging of most stuff like  that needs to be stored away.

Unlike other large and bulky bag sealers that require a short period of time to heat up before being used by laying the package on it at pressing down, the EuroSealer creates a high quality seal and eliminates the waiting time needed as it is ready to use. Nearly all old-fashioned sealers have to be plugged in to be used but your new EuroSealer does not. This is a big advantage as you can use it wherever you are, anytime time you see it fit to close certain kinds of bags.

Aside from it being compact, light and having no extension cables, there is a magnet on one side of the EuroSealer that will allow you to stick it onto practically any metal surface like that of a refrigerator door. This unique feature that turns the EuroSealer into a refrigerator magnet makes it more convenient to store away this amazing gadget, eliminating the possibility of it getting misplaced and the need to rustle around drawers to find it. Get your new gadget now and start sealing away and bagging stuff so it can be properly stored.

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