encap grass repair kitIf you have kids, pets or you live in an area with cold Winters and hot Summers – odds are your lawn needs a little extra assistance to look good. Constant traffic from play, animal urine and drastic changes to the elements can wreak havoc with your lawn, creating unsightly bare spots and trying to fix them by traditional methods can be a labor intensive hassle.

With the Encap Grass Repair Kit, you can take your lawn from patchy and unattractive to lush and full in one easy step because the Encap Grass Repair Kit is specially formulated to include every component necessary to ensure full green growth of the seed in your bare patches.

You can easily spread Encap Grass Repair Kit with any type of spreader, by hand or right out of the bag – you won’t find a quicker or easier way to help bring your lawn back to life. The Encap Grass Repair Kit includes seed, fertilizer, mulch and specially formulated technologies for germination and watering so your lawn is guaranteed to grow and flourish.

Buying all of the necessary components to ensure the growth of new grass in a bare patch could be costly and would take ample time to complete – and there would still be no guarantee that they seed would do well. With Encap Grass Repair Kit, you’ve got everything you need in one bag to give you the best possible chance for a full green lawn where you used to have bare spots. The Encap Grass Repair Kit lets you fix the problem spots in your lawn as quickly and easily as possible so you can get down to enjoying the time you spend outside rather than working.

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