Now there’s no need to wait for decades to see a tree grow to its full size. Within a span of as little as 3 years, you can have a full-grown tree that everyone can enjoy when you have the Empress Royal Tree. This beautiful tree with large leaves can withstand almost any climate and are environmentally beneficial as well.

If you’re looking to plant a tree that will give shade and add beauty to your house and garden, the Empress Royal Tree is the ideal tree. About 160 years ago, this tree was brought from China to the United States. It grows rapidly and is so easy to maintain. Some trees can grow to about 60 feet in just 3 years.

The Empress Royal Tree is a shade-producing hardwood as it grows tall and spreads its branches wide. It is robust, able to grow in just any kind of soil and climate. In the winter, furry pea-sized buds cover the branches and burst into bloom in the springtime. When it blooms, it produces beautiful, lavender flowers that smell like gardenia and jasmine. In summer, the tree becomes a dense canopy providing a large area of shade. As it brings coolness into your home, you can actually cut down on your power bills.

It tolerates drought readily so even in very dry seasons with little rain, you need not worry about the tree dying. This tree lives to a ripe old age, making it an ideal generation for many generations to enjoy.

You’ll also be happy to note that the Empress Royal Tree is very environment-friendly. Because its leaves (measuring about a foot wide) are unusually large, these act as giant air filters that suck pollution out of the surrounding air while producing significant amounts of oxygen. Your family’s health, as well as the quality of air around your home, will be greatly improved if you have the Empress Royal Tree growing in your backyard.

Plant the Empress Royal Tree around your home and watch its almost Jack-in-the-Beanstalk rapid growth with amazement. Your family will truly enjoy having it in your yard, enjoy hours under its shade, and delight in its fragrance.

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