Avoid accidents or injuries as you strain to reach out for your hanging plants or use a ladder for climbing up. Use the Easy Reach Plant Pulley and you can easily pull your plants up and down as you need to without ever straining again. Watering and pruning your plants have never been made easier because with the Easy Reach Plant Pulley,

The Easy Reach Plant Pulley is the ideal way to take care of hanging plants or things that are not quite within your reach. These could include fruit baskets or herbs in your kitchen which are on a higher level than your arms can reach. Many times, resorting to climbing a stepladder or chair can be risky. Easy Reach Plant Pulley’s secret is a ratcheting pulley inside that locks tight at the height where you need it to stay put, then retracts when you’re done. It works with any standard plant hanger and clips on to any hook and you can hang this just about anywhere in your house.

The Easy Reach Plant Pulley extends down to 31 inches and can carry up to 25 pounds of weight. That is strong enough to carry even a two-tiered basket of plants or a basket of heavy vegetables.

Use Easy Reach Plant Pulley to pull down indoor plants so they catch sunlight in the mornings and when it gets too hot, simply retract the pulley so the plants go up again. In the kitchen, you can keep herbs in a basket, out of your way, then pull on the Easy Reach Plant Pulley whenever you need to select some herbs for your cooking needs. Easy Reach Plant Pulley is more than just a plant pulley. Install it in your garage or tool room and store light tools out of your way and pull them down only when you need them. There are many more uses for the Easy Reach Plant Pulley that you can think of. This is a space saver that makes use of empty vertical space.

Maintain plants with ease with the Easy Reach Plant Pulley. You will never have to climb a ladder or chair anymore. Just reach up, grab, pull down the pulley, and you’re set.

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