Get rid of some of the toughest stains there are with Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, an oxygen-powered stain remover which can be used together with your laundry detergent, as a cleaner for bathroom surfaces, for freshening up upholstery and other fabrics, and as a stain remover for carpets. Powerful enzymes, powered by oxygen, go to work aggressively on all these stains – cutting through grime and stains like no other stain remover. What other products cannot clean, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe can.

Some other oxygen cleaners may be able to remove coffee and tea stains but stains and dirt that have set in over time can be tough to remove. Mike Rowe, seen on the Discovery Channel, gets down and dirty as he faces his toughest stain challenges. The original formula of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe consists of a powerful concentration of enzymes that use oxygen to power up. Stains are literally gobbled up by these ‘hungry’ enzymes!

Here are some of the powerhouse ingredients that Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe uses to battle those stubborn stains:

Lipase enzyme – grease and oil

Protease enzyme – grass and blood

Amylase enzyme – sauces and gravies

Mannanase enzyme – ketchup and mustard

Cellulase enzyme – renews and brightens the surface area being cleaned

Sodium percarbonate – tea, coffee and wine

Hot and warm water work best with Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe although cold water works as well. When Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe crystals are mixed with water, the oxygen agents are activated. For stains on grout, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe can be used as is, as a paste applied directly on the stained grout.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe complements your laundry detergent. Mix it in with your favorite detergent and it works on the stains while your detergent cleans. It does not contain any perfume either that could interfere with the natural fragrance of your laundry detergent. If you’re wondering about its green crystals – no, they do not stain fabric. The crystals dissolve in water completely and do not harm fabrics so apply them freely on carpets and upholstery. It is even safe to use for septic tanks.

Go with one of the best enzyme-based, oxygen-powered stain removers. With Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe in your home, stains are never a problem.