Heighten, lower, dramatize, enhance, and cover the ceiling and walls with decorative ceiling tiles. A quick fix, you can get rid of unsightly ceilings in hours. Add glamour, elegance, warmth, sophistication, and style to any ceiling or wall with the special effect of your selected tiles.

Take a look up now at the ceiling - how great would it look with new decorative ceiling tiles?

The roof might have been repaired and it's an additional expense to change the ceiling. The ceiling might still be in good condition but it does look so boring. Look at this picture and see the fantastic difference that you can make by placing decorative ceiling tiles.

How to cover an ugly popcorn ceiling! How easy and fabulous it would look to use decorative ceiling tiles. Say goodbye to the eyesore, forget about the paint drips, and look up to see your new and wonderful ceiling by using this decorating tip.

To cover walls and ceilings, partially or whole areas, use decorative ceiling tiles.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles - From Plain to Beautiful in Hours

The elegance of leather will make any den, office, or library more hushed. You can almost envision a room with this kind of faux leather ceiling tiles to be the kind that the Godfather uses.

An office building that has high ceilings or an arched hallway would indeed look a lot better with the dramatic touch of suspended decorative ceiling tiles. What a fantastic backdrop for a chandelier or a large room to make it appear like a ballroom.

Glue up ceiling tiles provide fast solution. Nail on tiles might be the decorative statement that you want to make.

Get more ideas about how to use decorative ceiling tiles. You don't have to cover the entire ceiling or the whole wall. Take a look around your home, office, or establishment, and then see what decorative ceiling tiles would suit the various areas best.