It doesn’t always take expensive furniture to make your home look great and inviting. Sometimes, adding a touch here and there makes all the difference.  Décor Innovation can help you find just that right “touch” that will brighten up a room, make it look bigger or smaller than it is, lend an air of formality, spruce up a kid’s room or create any other effect you want just by putting in the right curtain or wrap.

At Décor Innovation, they have different types of curtains. They have curtains for outdoors as well as indoors. For example, their versatile, water repellant and weather-resistant Basket Weave Indoor/Outdoor Curtains can be used for windows, patio doors, or as a curtain leading out into a porch. A room can be made to look brighter, airy and larger than usual with sheer curtains that come in various transluscent shades to bring in just enough sunshine and a view of the outside without revealing too much of what is inside.

For those who cannot sleep unless a room is completely darkened, Décor Innovation carries blackout curtains that keep about 99% of light out. At the same time, these dark curtains cut down on energy costs and maintain your privacy.

Kids’ rooms take on a bright, cheery look when spruced up with Décor Innovation’s curtains that come in different bright colors for a girl’s or boy’s room. The Kids Moon or Star Foil Print Thermal Insulated Blackout curtains feature moon and star prints that make your child’s room twinkle.

For that elegant touch in the living room, choose one of their faux fur throws which come in mink, giraffe, leopard, lynx, cheetah, snow leopard and other designs. Not only is it perfect for those chilly nights but also can be flung over one of your couches or sofas for that extra touch.

Before you decide to change furniture, check out Décor Innovation first. You just may need a simple change in a room’s look and not a complete furniture overhaul, saving you bucks while transforming your home’s look.