Your kids’ favorite play toys need not be set aside when they’re ready for bed. With Cuddle Uppets, the very toys that your kids romp around the house with all day go with them into bed. The puppet toy transforms from a daytime toy into a snuggly and comfy blanket at night. Your kid’s sleep will surely sleep so much better when he is cuddled by a friend.

Cuddle Uppets came from two words – cuddly and puppet. That’s because it is both a blanket and a puppet. The blanket measures 28 inches by 39 inches – large enough even for older kids. At one end of the blanket is a puppet head that is really cute and unique. Let your kids choose from 6 different Cuddle Uppets. There’s Pink Poodle, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Green Crocodile, Blue Elephant or Brown Bear. Got more than one kid? Get each one of them their favorite animal friend! Or get the entire set of Cuddle Uppets so they can play with whichever animal catches their fancy on a particular play day. Invite their friends over to play or have a tea party with their Cuddle Uppets. It will mean hours and hours of fun and games for them.

Cuddly toys are great for kids in different ways. Active kids will want to run around with their favorite cuddly puppet. Watch as they play hide and seek with them or romp in the playground with their puppet friend on their backs. But beyond just play, Cuddle Uppets serve as a source of comfort also – when your kids are afraid of the dark, or of thunder and lightning, or simply want to have something soft and familiar to hug close.

Cuddle Uppets are perfect gifts because they are functional and fun at the same time. You can be sure your gift will be appreciated by the kid who will love it for many long years.